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In the middle of nature

The various routes take place in an abundantly wooded landscape that runs along the Molignée winding through the valley. On several occasions, you will admire the river as well as the road from the top of the bridges which overhang them.

N.B .: These walks are always back and forth on one and the same lane, hence the need for breaks.


Warnant to Falaën

Starting from Warnant towards Falaën and back, for those who only want to cover the 8 km, you will cross two tunnels and you will discover from their most beautiful angle, the Ruins of Montaigle classified as major heritage of Wallonia and the return trip by railcar will last between 90 and 120 minutes including a small break halfway.

Falaën to Maredsous

On the second route, between Falaën and the old station of Maredsous, you will pass through Sosoye, one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia, and you will have an ideal view of its limestone plateau.

Further on you can also admire the parades carved into the rock by the builders of the track.

For pedal-riders who would prefer this second option and who would limit themselves to 6 km, the trip in the draisines is associated with a short walk of about twenty minutes to the Abbey of Maredsous where they would have an hour to cool off. eat, visit the monastery, etc … and get back to the railcars for the return at the time indicated to them at the reception.

The whole thing would take them more or less 3 hours 30 minutes. It is exceptionally, on request, possible to return earlier, the time of a short walk in the surroundings of the old station. It would then take 90 to 120 minutes.

Falaën to Maredsous

The 14 km course which leaves from Warnant to arrive at the old station of Maredsous, is the combination of the 6 and 8 km courses.

It therefore lasts approximately 5h30 including the breaks at each station (Falaën and Maredsous and again Falaën).

It can also be reduced to 3:30 on request.

Abbaye de Maredsous

Arrived at the disused station of Maredsous, you will take the opportunity to take a short walk on the Ravel or to go to the Abbey by following the signposted route which passes through the tunnel.

Do not forget to respect the return times in the railcars that the reception staff will have communicated to you on departure.