Discover the joys of the railbikes !

The Railbikes of the Molignée


                                                           COVID 19

                                                         July 27, 2021

            The Railbikes are open again, accessible only upon booking 

We look forward to seeing you soon on our different trails  !

Falaën - Maredsous

A 6 km round trip between Falaën and the old station of Maredsous crossing Sosoye, one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia.

Warnant - Falaën

A round trip of 8 km between Warnant and Falaën, allowing you to discover the Ruines of Montaigle.

Warnant - Falaën - Maredsous

 This 14 km round trip route, combining the 6 and 8 km routes, will allow you to discover all the riches and scenic views of the Molignée valley in half a day.

A moment of relaxation for all

Relax one to two hours while pedaling at your own pace on the old rail through the picturesque Valley of the Molignée.


Take advantage of our online reservation form which ensures the availability of the draisines at the time of your arrival.